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Petawawa Research Forest
This town of 6,500 is best known as home to the Canadian Forces "Airborne" regiments. You know you are in the training range when the telephone poles beside the highway drop real low, both to reduce their profile to make the training terrain more realistic, but also (likely) to reduce damaging them during shelling practice.

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Petawawa Attractions

Petawawa Airborne Base, Artillery Display Petawawa Airborne Forces Museum, and CFB Petawawa Military Museum
Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, 2 km west of town
This museum showcases the evolution of Canada's airborne units from World War II to the present. The adjacent Military museum traces the history of the base and includes 25 military vehicles. Admission by donation. Open weekdays 1pm to 4pm, weekends and holidays 11 am to 4 pm.

Fish Hatchery
Laurentian Dr, 2 km SE of old Highway 17
This hatchery specializes in raising lake trout and brook trout to fingerling size. The Canada Geese nest in the vicinity each summer, which you can see from the trails for nature hiking and winter cross-country skiing. Open all year Mon-Fri.

Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park off Laurentian Drive in the Town of Petawawa. Laurentian Drive is off County Rd 51 approximately 15 km northwest of Pembroke.

The Petawawa Terrace Provincial Park contains an extensive trail system. It is best described as a 12 km woodland walk, incorporating numerous interpretive panels along the way. These panels feature Ontario songbirds, waterfowl, raptors, snakes, frogs, turtles, butterflies, fur bearing animals, fish, rodents, bats, species at risk, invasive species, salamanders, upland birds and owls and deer of Ontario. Traditionally this park has been the home base of the Petawawa cross-country ski trails maintained by Fred Molson who also maintains the down hill ski facility at Mount Molson just next door the Terrace.

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