lmvale Acres, Hawthorne Meadows, Sheffield Glen, Riverview -Ottawa-Gatineau, Ontario neighbourhoods and nearby communities

Located in Ottawa's greenbelt, this south Ottawa neighbourhood is just east of Alta Vista, and lies south of the Queensway/417 and west of St Laurent Blvd/Russell Rd. and stretching toward the Rideau River. To the east are both light industrial lands and railyards and the National Museum of Science and Technology, and to the west are several hospitals, including the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Riverside Hospital, and Ottawa General Hospital can all be found in the vicinity.

Hawthorne Meadows and Sheffield Glen are west of Lancaster Rd and straddle Russell Rd. It adjoins the National Museum of Science and Technology. The neighbourhood is more commonly called "Southvale", but appears as Sheffield Glen on maps. Southvale Crescent is the name of the main street which runs through the neighbourhood and is home to a majority of residents.

Riverview is a small neighbourhood located on the eastern banks of the Rideau River. It is nestled in between Smyth Road to the south and Industrial Ave to the North, and extending east to St Laurent Blvd. The area now known as Riverview was mostly farmland belonging to the Township of Gloucester until it was annexed by the city of Ottawa in 1950, with arrival of the CN railway to the community, prompted development in the area. Since then the area has undergone a gradual updating with higher density buildings

This Elmvale Acres community has a population of about 6,000. The area has excellent transit, centered around the Elmvale Acres Shopping Centre on St. Laurent, which functions as an east end OC Transpo transit terminus. As well, there are several stations along the South Transitway serve the area: Walkley, Billings Bridge, Hurdman, Lycee Claudel and Smyth stations provide convenient access to all corners of Ottawa. Routes 145, 8, 88 and 45 all provide convenient stops.


With a huge selection of recreation sites, a great community feel and all kinds of beautiful houses, apartments and condominiums for rent or sale. Much of the area was built in the late 1950s by the Robert Campeau developer.

In Riverview, there is a mix of larger apartment complexes with lower and middle class homes. This included a large number of apartment buildings lining Riverside Drive, the Alta Vista apartments, lower class housing on Station Boulevard and on Russell Road. More recent developments are mostly middle-class developments, and also for retired people.

In recent years, several homogeneous buildings have been erected to serve middle class and senior residents. Riverview is adjacent to the area's fine hospitals.

The community is relatively new, with only 1% of homes pre-dating 1946. 36% of homes were built 1946 -1960, 32% built 1961 - 1970, 17% built between 1971 and 1980, 15% were built after 1981. The neighbourhood has 6,700 dwellings, of which 48% are single detached, 3% are semi-detached, 8% Are row houses, 35% are in high-rise apartments, and 5% were apartments with less than 5 stories. Half of residents (54%) owned their homes and 46% rented.


The area has six schools,

Riverview is home to a diversity of schools. There is one French elementary school (Lycée Claudel), a French Catholic High School (Franco Cité), an English alternative education school (Riverview), an English public school (Vincent Massey), and a private Montessori school.


The area is well-served by Elmvale Acres and St Laurent Shopping Mall, both of which are transit hubs.


The area is surrounded by parks and greenbelt National Museum of Science and Technology

The Canadian Museum of Science and Technology is located adjacent to the neighbourhood on Lancaster Road.

Parks in Riverview include Dale Park, Hurdman Park, Balena Park, Riverview Park, Coronation Park and Hutton Park. Many of these are maintained by the Riverview Park Community Association.

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